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A first pipe section 10A includes an externally threaded pin member 12 having a face 14 at its end.

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Although these two torque operations require different torque values, the triangle marks remain identical because the needed threaded axial engagement remains the same.Dear All, Please help me to calculate or show any helpful tips or reference on above subject.Our company is an experienced API buttress thread casing coupling manufacturer and supplier in China.Hi All, I would like to know how the make-up torque for a buttress connection is calculated.This is true for two reasons: 1) the internal pressure design rating of the thread material is higher and 2) the length of the thread helix is shorter.Proper make-up is monitored using torque make-up tables and the number of required turns.

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Make Up Torque LTC Trpon Pipe - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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Higher cost proprietary connections are routinely run in place of API buttress connections in high pressure gas applications.

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A method of coupling API buttress connections in such a way as to provide high sealability in high pressure gas applications is disclosed.If upon make-up, the joint is visually inspected on the rig floor to be within the proper position and within the proper torque range, the joint is acceptable.If a false reference torque occurs to activate the turn counter because of one of the above described quality control problems or assembly conditions, an improper joint makeup will result.

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There is great economic incentive to improve the sealability performance of API buttress connections.Torque shoulder prevents over make-up. type (EUE, STC, LTC, BTC), balancing flexibility with high torque.Initially, six different makeup conditions were evaluated in the search for a gastight connection.This lot of Surplus Casing and Tubulars is considered surplus by the oil company and must be sold to recover funds and inventory space. (BTC) Box X Pin,72PPF,N80.

Buttress Thread Casing (BTC) API SPEC 5B working ring or plug size, threads per inch and taper per foot chart.Recommended Make-Up Torque, API Tolerances, TFA Chart Recommended Make-up Torque ConneCTIon MAxIMUM PIn ID BIT SUB oD MInIMUM MAke-UP ToRqUe.


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The pin member and the box member are helically rotated together up to a minimum of an empirically predetermined torque range.

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Such pin members are threaded into couplings, collars or integral female pipe sections called box members.Torque measuring equipment. commonly used on API LTC and API BTC casing may also be.

After this reference torque is reached, a predetermined number of turns are counted in the make-up of the tubular connection.Further, torque response of the connection after shoulder may be monitored.

Buttress thread connections are made up to correct torque by burying half of the stamped triangle one the Casing pin end.If required, the torque range is adjusted by empirically determined friction factors.Two specimens successfully completed all tests, while the other specimen failed to contain gas internal pressure at elevated temperature.

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The test results from tin plated couplings lubricated with API modified thread lubricant revealed that this makeup condition will not reliably seal gas internal pressure for this size, weight, and grade combination.This method has limitations because it does not provide enough information to distinguish quality control problems such as out-of-tolerance threads, cross-threading, or galling.This torque is sometimes determined by API torque recommendations.BEST MODE The sealing capability of the API buttress connection is dependent on the thread lubricant that is trapped in the thread area.

As can be recognized in this disclosure, use of this method provides surprisingly effective high pressure gas sealability, at much lower cost than required in using premium connections.Directional casing while drilling applied to improve high-angle.Appropriate torque and position values for various size, weights and grades of API buttress connections are set forth in Table 1.If you think casing make-up is all about reading graphs on a computer display, this is undoubtedly a blog post you should read carefully.This extra torque capability is provided by the torque shoulder.

Seal-rings and seal-ring groove dimensions were verified prior to testing.Field of the Invention This invention relates to the field of tubular connections and methods for connecting tubular members, particularly for oilfield connections of threaded buttress pin and box members. 2. Background Description Pipe sections used in oil fields (for example long sections of well casing) usually have a tapered, exteriorly-threaded male end called a pin member.The compound has been used successfully on API 8-round connections that were significantly out of tolerance, and as a result was thought to have potential for successful applications with the buttress connection.Trident Steel is a distributor of API oil country tubular Goods.